shannon photo

Shannon Geraghty

Social Media Coordinator


Pre-college Programs

When did you start working at Barnard?/ How long have you been working with PCP?

I started working with PCP in October of 2021!

What is your graduation year and what are you studying?

2025, Economics

What is your favorite part of PCP?

The PCP team is a genuine and passionate group


Fast Facts

Zodiac Sign


Favorite Food

Buffalo wings

Favorite Book and/or Movie

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Favorite Thing to Do in NYC

Go to museums (my favorite is the Met and SpyScape)

What are 3 things you like to do in your free time?

Play card games, binge Netflix, and go to arcades

If I could give my teenage self any advice, I would say...

Ease up a little bit and have fun!